canalize (Amer.) can·al·ize || 'kænəlaɪz v. make a canal; divert into another channel (also canalise)

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • canalize — v. 1. to provide with a canal, as of a city. Syn: canal. [WordNet 1.5] 2. to to direct the flow of; also used abstractly, as of money or information. Syn: channel. [WordNet 1.5] || …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • canalize — (also canalise) ► VERB 1) convert (a river) into a navigable canal. 2) convey through a duct or channel. 3) give a direction or purpose to. DERIVATIVES canalization noun …   English terms dictionary

  • canalize — [kə nal′īz΄, kan′ə līz΄] vt. canalized, canalizing 1. to make a canal through 2. to change into or make like a canal 3. to provide an outlet for, esp. by directing into a specific channel or channels …   English World dictionary

  • canalize — To restrict operations to a narrow zone by use of existing or reinforcing obstacles or by fire or bombing …   Military dictionary

  • canalize — verb ( lized; lizing) Date: 1855 transitive verb 1. a. to provide with a canal or channel b. to make into or similar to a canal 2. to provide with an outlet; especially to direct into preferred channels …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • canalize — /kan l uyz , keuh nal uyz/, v.t., canalized, canalizing. 1. to make a canal or canals through. 2. to convert into a canal. 3. to divide (a stream) into reaches with locks or dams, usually to maintain navigable depths. 4. to divert into certain… …   Universalium

  • canalize — can·a·lize or Brit can·a·lise kan əl .īz vb, lized or Brit lised; liz·ing or Brit lis·ing vt to drain (a wound) by forming channels without the use of tubes vi to develop new channels (as new capillaries in a blood clot) …   Medical dictionary

  • canalize — can|a|lize also canalise BrE [ˈkænəl aız] v [T] 1.) technical to make a river deeper or straighter, especially in order to prevent flooding 2.) formal to direct people s energy or feelings towards one particular thing …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • canalize — or canalise kan(ə)lʌɪz verb 1》 convert (a river) into a navigable canal. 2》 convey through a duct or channel. Derivatives canalization noun Origin C19: from Fr. canaliser, from canal (see canal) …   English new terms dictionary

  • canalize — also ise BrE verb (T) 1 formal to direct the actions, energy, etc of a person or group to one particular purpose; channel 2 2 to make a river deeper, straighter etc, especially in order to prevent flooding canalization noun (U) …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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